As a developper, I've been agreeably surprised to see my youtube messages flooding by few people asking me to update this software. I didn't knew people still used this.
So there is the new updated version ! :

- Updated to work with lastest chrome api.
- As always ,it does work in global.
- Little gui update.
- Removed older version, now its PRO version for everyone :) !

A little out topic here, fews wonder why I do this and more like : why for free ? Well it's quite simple , I've been playing lunia since open beta, and i loved this game till very end. It's unique as in fact its not 3d copy/pasted MMO that are all over the web such as Kiritia/dragon Nest/WoW/LoL/Dota etc. It's unique , i haven't seen a hack'n slash game similar to this one.

All I ask from you guys is to keep playing and to visit this page :
Lunia Donation's page
Thanks ! cheers , Ben.

Click the lime to download :)